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Industry Outreach Manager at Office to Advance Women Apprentices - New Foundland

Board Member of Women In HVACR

Mary Ford is the Outreach Manager with the Office to Advance Women Apprentices in Newfoundland and Labrador. Mary assists female apprentices in achieving their goals of completing their apprenticeship and addressing barriers that tradeswomen face in the construction industry. Her passion for equality is evident in her dedication to helping tradeswomen and she strives to ensure there are equal employment opportunities for women in skilled trades. Mary also sits on the Board of Directors with Skills Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador where she is vested in promoting skilled trades as a career option for youth.

Mary firmly believes that everyone is entitled to a safe and respectful workplace. She has been with the Office and actively working to support and advocate for tradeswomen since 2012.  The Office to Advance Women Apprentices has been identified as a best practice and has 6 offices throughout Canada. In her outreach work she connects with unions, industry, small employers, and government. Mary likes to remind all that “diversity is being invited to the party, but inclusion is being invited to dance”.

Mary grew up in and married into a trades family which has given her relatable, real life experience to the various industries she now works with daily. Her previous work experience has been with municipal and federal governments which has brought valuable knowledge to the OAWA table. She has a background in communications and business management along with a long list of client services experiences. Mary’s experience as program developer, facilitator and coach makes her a valued team member within her organization.

Mary has a natural inclination for developing strong relationships and is a born people person. Her belief is that these relationships are the foundation of being successful both professionally and personally.  Mary lives in Paradise, NL with her husband, two daughters, a spoiled family dog and her daughter’s malevolent cat. She loves to connect with like-minded people who are invested in advancing women in skilled trades. 

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