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Women in HVACR is a non-profit group dedicated to improving the lives of our members by empowering women to succeed through networking, mentoring, and education. We are actively seeking partnership arrangements with other organizations that have mission statements and/or objectives that are aligned with ours. Together, let’s invite more women into the trades and empower them within HVACR!

What are the benefits to partnering with Women In HVACR?

Partnering with our association allows us to work together to help achieve our common goals. By working together we can both achieve our objectives in a faster and more efficient manner thereby allowing each of our associations to prosper and grow at a rate not possible without this partnership.

Specific benefits of partnering with Women in HVACR include:

• Inclusion of your association logo on Women in HVACR website and our association logo on your website
• Best practice sharing and lessons learned meetings on topics such as: mentorship, scholarships, education, membership, etc.
• Access to our board of directors
• Regular updates on both associations social sites including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn for cross promotional opportunities
• Opportunity for New Members – to help build membership
• More Scholarship Opportunities
• Speakers
• Organization Awareness

Our members are dynamic and motivated. Is your association interested in partnering with us? If so click on Get In Touch below. The process is simple, we agree on our partnership, share logos, contact information, and become members of each other’s associations.

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